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Laser Spider Vein

Spider Vein Laser Removal in Walnut CreekSpider veins are a reality for millions of people. Luckily, these unsightly problems can be treated with targeted laser technology that can destroy the vessels without damaging the healthy surrounding tissue and area. At Lucent Aesthetic in Walnut Creek, we use effective laser spider vein removal technology to vanquish your unwanted spider veins permanently.

Smaller veins can typically be treated in a single session while veins that are larger in diameter and surface areas may take additional treatments.

We understand that spider veins can cause both physical and emotional discomfort and it is our priority to ensure you understand and are confident in your customized treatment plan and are satisfied with the results.

Laser Spider Vein Removal in Walnut Creek

  • Remove unsightly spider veins with laser treatment!
  • Treatment plan customized to every patient upon consultation.
  • Tried and tested laser technology specific to vessels used.
  • Safe and effective!

Laser spider vein removal uses heat to destroy the vein, which is then absorbed by the body and gradually disappears from view. Treatment typically requires no downtime, although your physician may suggest you refrain from intense activity for the following few days.

Results are permanent, once destroyed the vein is gone forever. However, new spider veins may pop up as you age and require additional treatment.