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Lamprobe Treatment

Lamprobe Treatment in Walnut CreekSkin irregularities may be small in appearance, but they have a huge effect on our self-esteem. Lamprobe is a highly effective and noninvasive treatment that uses a radiofrequency probe to deliver heat that targets unwanted skin lesions and irregularities.*

Skin concerns that are commonly addressed with lamprobe treatment include skin tags, cherry angiomas, red spots, pimples, milia, cholesterol deposits, fibromas and more!*

During treatment, blood is drawn towards heat sources that are emitted from the Lamprobe.* The heat targets the treatment area cells, which then damages them, to reduce their effect on your appearance.*

The dead cells will peel off and reveal healthier, new skin beneath and no scarring.*

Lamprobe treatment may include a topical anesthetic that is applied about 30 minutes prior to the procedure.* This treatment can easily be added to any other service for comprehensive skin improvement.*

Lamprobe Treatment in Walnut Creek

  • Treatment for skin irregularities such as Telangiectasia, Cholesterol Deposits, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Clogged Pores, Skin Tags, Fibromas, Acne Pimples*
  • Speedy treatment time*
  • Non-invasive. No client discomfort!*
  • No downtime*

Lamprobe treatment is a quick and cost-effective procedure to target skin irregularities and does not require extended periods of recovery time.* After your treatment, you can go right back to your daily routine.*

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*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.