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Cosmetic Services for Men in Walnut Creek

Look sharp. Feel powerful. Check out our specialized treatments created to help you look your best, giving you the confidence and self-reliance you need to succeed.

SculpSure for Men

Get in the best shape of your life with quick body contouring treatments. SculpSure uses laser technology to reduce fat in targeted areas like the stomach, back and love handles. Never worry about your spare tire again.


Kybella for Men

Say goodbye to that double chin for a well-defined jawline with this minimally invasive injectable. Kybella targets moderate to severe fat under the chin, for a sharper, younger-looking profile.


Botox for Men

Soften lines, but still look like you. Botox is an effective treatment for men who want to reduce horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines, and crow’s feet. Our Walnut Creek office delivers subtle, natural-looking results you’ll feel great about.


Facial Fillers for Men

Let the world know you’re ready to take it on. Facial fillers offer a variety of solutions for deep lines, acne scars and under eye circles. We offer several hyaluronic fillers to help male clients look younger and feel more confident.


MicroNeedling for Men

Smooth, even-toned skin looks good on all men. For a long-lasting way to improve skin texture, MicroNeedling treatments offer serious rejuvenation and can help turn back the clock by addressing lines, acne scars, sun spots and more.


Laser Hair Removal for Men

Whether you want to get rid of unsightly back hair or define your beard by removing the stray hairs growing above or below it, laser hair removal treatments with our state-of-the-art system are a standout option to either get rid of or reduce hair on your body.


IPL Photorejuvenation for Men

For damaged or discolored skin, IPL photorejuvenation treatments brighten and improve the overall look of your complexion. IPL sessions can treat a variety of skin issues including broken capillaries, red or ruddy skin and brown spots.


Laser Facials for Men

For a rejuvenated look without downtime, laser facials are becoming increasingly popular among male clients looking for an extra edge. The process involves removing a layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production for a tighter and brighter complexion.


Chemical Peels for Men

Improve skin texture and appearance with one of our medical-grade chemical peels. Our chemical peel treatments are ideal for men who want to reduce the appearance of scars, decrease signs of aging and improve firmness.


Age Spot Treatment for Men

For our male clients who’ve enjoyed years of adventure in the great outdoors, we offer cutting-edge treatments to reverse the damaging effects of sun exposure on the skin. Treatment options range from laser services to topical products and can help drastically reduce pigmented lesions and brown spots.


Medical-Grade Skincare Products for Men

Take care of your skin at home with our premium skincare products perfect for men looking to add medical-grade quality to their grooming routine.


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